Foremarke Exhibitions

Online registering and booking site for exhibitions company

A very successful and busy client, Foremarke Exhibitions, asked us to redesign their main site and also a subdomain site to register exhibitors for events.

The process had become very laborious and involved a lot of duplication (boring!) and manual chasing up and updating (extremely boring and time-consuming too!).

They wanted a system that could be completely online and automated, with reporting and follow up elements built in.

Something like this is not available 'off the shelf' so we had to put our thinking caps on, as budget was an important issue and couldn't justify bespoke software development.

However, there are many WordPress plugins that are available and highly customisable.

After a fair bit of research and testing we found the right combination that not only had a private login area for each event; forms that could be easily built, duplicated and reused; and also these forms would integrate with another plugin for all the collation and reporting.

It was quite a job to do but in the end all the plugins talked to each other, and the client was very pleased to have a system at a fraction of the cost of a bespoke piece of software.


The responsive homepage for the main site, and below the microsite with choices of events to register for.


Examples of the home page for a particular event and that event's dashboard as well.