Volkswagen Beetle says g(o\!/o)dbye

I have to say, as a lover and past owner of three Beetles (and quite a few Golfs after that) I was looking forward to watching this ad.

After all the great heritage of VW ads over the years, I was a tad disappointed. I do think VW missed a trick with this.

Like the animation, it appeared dull and flat. Of course it couldn’t resist featuring a young man growing old to signify the passing of 70 years.

There are also supposed to be references to Andy Warhol, Kevin Bacon and other celebs there but I struggled to find them even after a few looks.

So many missed opportunities. A vague nod at the “Lemon” ads, but none of the other great commercials that we all remember.

Just a rather sinister LED lit front of a modern VW at the end to signify that the Beetle’s time was up.

And as to the choice of music – why pay squillions for those Lennon McCartney royalties and then do such a toe curlingly cheesy rendition of Let it Be?

Feel free to tell me I am wrong. Take a look at the ad here.

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